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4 min readJul 23, 2022

We have a section on social networks called Ask Us. It’s one of our ways of communication with the players. It’s also a chance to get insight into the other side of your favorite games.

The idea is you ask us questions, and we answer them honestly. Moreover, you can address your question to a particular team member, and they will answer it.

It seems that you like this section as much as we do. There were many questions, and all of them were interesting. We had to work hard to find all the answers, but we did. We’ve collected them in this article. Sit back and look for your question below.

To the Founders:

  1. Are you planning to develop other games?”

Yes, we are. Follow our updates to be the first to know about all the plans.

2. “$LIS token model will be deflationary, flat or inflationary? Any token burns mechanism? Thanks”

The final model has not been approved yet, but the token will have a lot of utility.

3. “What makes Realis stick out from every other NFT/earn crypto game?”

We focus on a mix of F2P and P2E models and strive to make a convenient product service for every user.

4. “Is merge cats based on a premade template or did other games like merge planes copy merge cats?”

We were inspired by а similar game Airplanes. By the way, now Merge Cats is called Crypto Cats.

5. “When are you going to meet the dates 100% really? PS: don’t tell me the typical answer, you said Q3 we are still on time, here you can no longer see excuse for delays”

It is impossible to predict all aspects of development and it is normal that the deadlines are shifted. We are doing our best to meet the deadlines and hope that we will be able to launch in Q3.

To the Developers:

  1. “What game mechanics do you plan to develop to keep this project from becoming another Axie?

How will new players be able to join and compete with others without spending a small fortune?

Will you have ranked matches?”

We are to release a major gameplay update that we hope you enjoy. Stay tuned for updates even after the release. Only you decide how our project looks like. 🙂

You will still have the opportunity to play for free and receive rewards. You can also donate to get a brighter experience and new impressions.

Yes, we plan ranked matches.

2. “Hello, I have such a question. I don’t have the game Legends of Listeria on my phone, but I didn’t try it, but identical games by weight go well, what can I do?

And the Kittens and Dragons collected in the cards will be NFT? ”

Contact our support, there will be NFT in Crypto Cats and Crypto Dragons.

3. “Why are there so many speed hackers in LegendsListeria? Last few days I have seen many of them ruining the game. Then people stop queuing to play and destroy the matchmaking . Any plans to detect and remove these people?”

We didn’t detect speed hackers in Legends of Listeria. But after this question, we will double-check it again.

4. “How much circulating supply will we have at the launch of the $LIS?”

We can’t say right now. We’ll let you know before going to the market.

To the artists:

  1. “What cartoons or art gave you the inspiration for the characters in Legends of Listeria?

Also, what was the inspiration for the music in LoL? I really like it!”

A character creation is a multi-step process that starts with collecting references and creating moodboards. And not only cartoons or art do inspire, but also animals and even plants. When we talk about popular games and characters, I am personally inspired by Genshin Impact, Granblue Fantasy, Brawl stars and others.

Listeria uses a gameplay style similar to Brawl stars, and the visual concept of the characters is based on games with colorful fantasy designs like Genshin Impact.

2. “Who designed the dragons?”

It’s funny that it is the only project in which almost all 2d artists participated in the design. We can say that the entire Realis team participated in the design of Crypto dragons.

Did you find your question? Or maybe while you were reading, you found a new one? Then click on the links below and post your questions on any of our social networks. We’ll collect all of them again and answer soon.

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