Why we will use Near Protocol

2 min readJul 21, 2022

We would like to share with you the information about games. Additionally, we would be happy to show the internal processes of the company that help us achieve our objectives.

The goal of Realis is to develop mass apps and user-friendly experience. To do this, we choose the best technologies.

That is why we are moving from the Substrate framework (Polkadot) to the Near protocol.

Why we choose Near:

  • Near is easier to develop. Other frameworks have different technologies for development — when Near uses almost pure Rust.
  • Scalability. If an update comes out in Polkadot, we will update for several months because there are a lot of dependencies. There is no such thing in Near.
  • Near is several times cheaper and faster than Substrate. We think it is revealing.

During our implementation of the Realis testnet (Substrate), the community helped us with the launch of the validators.

Last month we made a snapshot, and all participants in this initiative will be rewarded. Stay in touch until further notice. We will announce the address list soon.

Some more great news — after the launch of the Near mainnet, withdrawals and deposits will be opened.

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