The Underground World of Blackstone — The Last Ray of Hope in Listeria

Blackstone — The last standing city of the once-powerful land, Listeria. Earlier, Listerians believed the entire country was a beacon of hope. However, the Great War destroyed everything.

When 90% of the Listerian population died out, only one city stood its ground. Blackstone remained empowered and untouched from the clutches of danger. The inhabitants of this city were refugees of the battle and did not want anything to do with the War anymore.

They were done with violence, and every surviving Listerian wanted peace. Indeed, Blackstone has become the last hope for Listerian society.

If Blackstone remains strong, the hope for a brighter future is imminent. The remaining people of Listeria have witnessed countless bloodshed and have learned to survive. They are strong-willed, and hope has become etched in their blood.

The people of this wonderful world built a society free of conflict and crime. Blackstone was supposed to be a society filled with equal opportunities based on mutual respect and good neighborliness.

Yet, hidden in the cracks was something more dangerous than the ancient dragons.

What Was Lurking in the Underground of Blackstone?

Every Listerian knew that Blackstone would never retain its true essence without the presence of its nightlife. Indeed, this last surviving city has an underground world that regulates regular internal conflicts. Some consider this as the backbone of Blackstone due to the guarantee of safety.

Even then, some people find this to cause bankruptcies, death, and fear.

The unground sewers of Blackstone housed outcasted organizations and gangs. These inhabitants took advantage of the War and built a life in Blackstone’s darkest nooks and crannies.

These gangs keep the history of countless street conflicts due to the gang wars that take place. The criminal side of Blackstone is unique but extremely dangerous. Yet, only two gangs rule the underground, and we will get into details about each.

The Serpent in the Shadows — The Organization of Former Shinobis

Funnily enough, Blackstone’s existence stems from the Serpent in the Shadows. This is an organization of former shinobis led by Layla. It is a society that ensures everyone’s wellbeing in Blackstone. Not only does it regulate, but it also prevents conflicts.

Sometimes, under the guidance of Layla, it confronts terrorist organizations and other criminal groups that threaten Blackstone’s peace.

Even though this gang protects the livelihoods of refugees, it is still a violent gang. Hence, it requires a strict hierarchical structure. Based on this, the junior ranks will implicitly obey the seniors.

If they fail to do that, the new members will get severe punishment. There are about four different ranks indicated by the shinobis’ level of skill and status.

Sai — The Ordinary Shinobi

Any new joiner in the gang falls under the ordinary Sai category. They have just embarked on being a “Serpent in the Shadow”; hence they are treated as children or babies in the community.

These assassins are not sent on any missions since they have low combat skills. Furthermore, their rank corresponds to the most inferior status. Sometimes, a Sai member has duties like cleaning and washing the dishes or clothes.

Boji — The Average Shinobi

A Sai will evolve into a Boji and become the average member of the organization. They are ordinary killers who perform essential missions. Even then, some good-skilled Bojis will participate in complex operations.

The majority of members in the organization are made up of this rank.

Hakiro — The Highest Shinobi

A Hakiro is the highest rank in this organization. They are first-class killers capable of confronting any situation single-handedly. Moreover, Hakiros are the most skilled to take down entire squads.

Every Hakiro is Layla’s personal council member named “The Six Arms.” Each of them has unique fighting techniques developed by the shinobi in a fighting school.

Nikujin — The Head of the Shinobi

The head of the clan is the strongest shinobi in the Serpent in the Shadow organization. Layla has been the sole owner and representative of the rank of the Nikujin since its start.

Nikujin means Layla, and she is the unquestioned authority whose words are undeniable.

The Intention of this Organization

Unlike other gangs in the underground world of Blackstone, Serpent in the Shadow has always had well-intentions. However, after their battle with the Black Plumes organization, they rebranded themselves.

They became a society of assassins and robbers who plunder from delinquents. The Black Plumes were successful enough to blame Layla for something they had committed.

The leader of this gang killed the owner of the House of Blades and blamed Layla for everything. Due to this, the shinobi clan was forced to rethink their priorities and carefully hide in the depths of Blackstone’s catacombs.

The Black Feathers Gang — An Organization with Numerous Criminals

Black Feathers is a complete contrast to Layla’s gang. It consists of dangerous criminals united together under the command of a ruthless leader. Philip Strike ruled the united association of criminals found in the underground world of Blackstone.

Strike is one of the best fighters left in the world, and he single-handedly defeated four Hokiros.

He crowned himself as the permanent dictator who oversees the supply of drugs and enslaved people throughout the Last City. His crime syndicate is the only horror left in the world, and it is proliferating.

Under the supervision of the Black Feathers is the Black Plumes gang, which runs illegal bars and casinos in Listeria.

The entire conflict between Layla and the Black Plumes started when she murdered Striker’s brother Benjamin, the leader of a terrorist gang. Layla infiltrated Benjamin’s plans of preparing for a large-scale attack throughout Blackstone. She interfered and became a hero of the state.

Striker vowed vengeance as he could not deal with the death of the only thing he loved in this world. He exacted revenge by destroying the essence of the Serpent in the Shadow.

After that, the syndicate repeatedly interfered with government affairs.

Some Listerians believe that the high society used the services of the Black Feather to gain political power. Striker only trusts the presence of his bodyguards, and each of them has their bandit gangs responsible for each branch of the illegal market:

  • Clyde the Silver owns contract killings
  • Vivienne Shadow deals with the drug industry
  • Alexa the Immortal leads the patronage of establishments
  • Brute Cho oversees the slave market

The underground world of Blackstone is dark and full of uncertain possibilities. Will Layla help the Listerians again? Only time will tell!

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