The Flora of Listeria

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Listeria is rich not only in amazing creatures, diverse magic, and unique history but also in its unmatched flora. From mighty age-old ash trees to desert bushes and thickets of poison ivy — all this plant diversity is an integral part of nature, the main element in the chain of life and death of Listeria. Today we will explore the most common types of vegetation in our world.

Colorful Clover: an all-seasons wonder

It is with Colorful Clover that acquaintance with the world of flora begins for each child. This flower grows in every nook and cranny of Listeria, it does not need an abundance of sunlight or fertile soil to bloom. Colorful Clover is a small six-leaf flower, the color of which changes depending on the season: blue in winter, red in autumn, yellow in summer, and white in spring.

This magical flower has a number of useful qualities: with daily use, it has a positive effect on the nervous, immune, and digestive systems, so if you are poisoned or sick, the Colorful Clover will definitely help you cope with the disease.

Tongu: a magical nutrient

A faithful childhood companion of any Blackwood child is also the fruit of the Ignin tree — Tongu. Growing on the long and curved branches of the mahogany tree, these slightly oblong fruits are great for satisfying hunger and keeping you full for the rest of the day. This fruit, rich in all kinds of useful nutrients and vitamins, is often used in medicine. Tongu extract could be infused and become an excellent remedy for burns from both fire and magic injuries.

Taiyuna berries: the helping hand of the sorcerers

Not a single confectionery product is complete without the decoration with the Taiyuna berries. These are pinkish berries with small bulges resembling kitsune ears. Taiyuna grows on almost every bush, and its use has a positive effect on health, stamina, and energy recovery for sorcerers.

Without this berry, not a single potion that restores or enhances magic could be completed. In the first days of spring, it is a great tradition to cook Taiyuna jam and treat it to your relatives and friends, seeing off the winter and meeting the next warm and, of course, fertile seasons.

The Northerner Root: the precious herb

The most powerful healing decoctions and potions are made from the The Northerner Root. Growing deep beneath the snowdrifts in the permafrost of the dwarven mountains, this purple-green root is used in medicine.

Its price matches the powerful quantities of the plant and is not affordable for everyone. The Northerner Root is extremely difficult to find, and its preparation takes a big amount of time. However, all its useful properties more than compensate for the costs. Tincture from The Northerner Root is a way to cure an almost incurable disease. It is said that many returned sight or hearing abilities after daily use of a decoction of this amazing plant.

The flora of Listeria is full of color and magical discoveries. No one knows exactly what secrets mighty forests and sunny fields of its gracious lands are keeping, but the powers held by Listerian herbs and plants are undisputed.

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