Social Aspect Of Listeria

Listeria is home to all kinds of creatures and people from different walks of life. The impact of The Last War has minimized the trust factor amongst the inhabitants. Moreover, Blackstone remains the only city where people socialize with each other.

Do you think it is possible to bring back the love and trust Listerians once had?

Indeed, with your gaming skills, you can evoke friendliness in your characters. The game mechanics in Legends of Listeria offer various opportunities to interact with fellow players.

Here, you can utilize your clans and their values to avail of this socialization feature. The very essence of this game lies in the opportunities for interaction!

Do you want to know more about this? Read on!

The Relationship Between Clans and Socialization

For years, Listeria had only seen hatred and destruction, which scarred everyone for life. Around 90% of the population got wiped out due to this War, and the trusting nature dissipated. Therefore, when you enter this world, you will feel that void of socialization.

Due to this, the creators of Legends of Listeria introduced a clan system that could eradicate this unwelcoming presence.

It is up to you to bring everyone together and rejoice in the lost essence of Listeria. So, what are clans, and how do they associate with socialization?

Well, clans in Listeria emit an associative power. It means that everyone with common goals and aspirations can enter a clan and interact with each other. Furthermore, this initiative allows players to find common ground in a world where negativity runs havoc.

With clans, you can unite or reunite with players and enjoy this game to the fullest.

Players will be together and be able to participate in various tournaments. Legends of Listeria will organize numerous games that can be considered clan wars.

Ideally, terming these tournaments as wars might seem overly pessimistic, but “the best will rise!”

Like numerous heroes rose from the ashes of The Last War, your clan might also defeat enemies and be victorious. Similarly, you can unite in battles for rating games between different clans.

These games will give you special awards!

It means you will receive gifts depending on the results. This end motive can drive you to inspire your clan to participate in the adrenaline-inducing fights. Moreover, it will bring together amicable clans to rush against time and fight the right way to reach the top.

Due to this, there will be an ample amount of interaction between the players from different clans.

But everyone will have the same motive – reaching the top in the best way possible. Before the War, Listeria was a peaceful place full of wonder and positive energy. The inhabitants listened to each other and lived harmoniously together.

Even though the Elves and Humans had a cold war, it was never out of control.

With these games, interacting through the characters who have seen the War will be possible. Unlike many other games, in Legends of Listeria, the decisions in a clan should be made as a team.

It means that the jointly made decisions should be final. In addition, it showcases optimal teamwork, and each participant will have an active part in the association’s life.

As you can see, making clans or being part of it is the root of all socialization in Listeria.

Think of your clan as a family trying to survive The Last War. Indeed, you will do anything to stay – kill, protect and fight for what is right!

Creating Your Clan – Joining Your Listerian Family

“Nothing in life is easy” – Every Listerian will vouch for that!

In real life, you cannot choose your family, and neither can you create it. However, in Legends of Listeria, you can do both. Due to this feature, you can increase the fun and efficiency of your gameplay.

Have you indulged in the game alone? Do you think that it is time for you to create a clan name?

Ideally, if you understand that it is time to create your own family, there are some restrictions and conditions you need to go through. As mentioned earlier, gaining the trust of the Listerians can be challenging due to the horrible things they have been through.

In the country, everyone listens to the heroes who have surpassed all the power levels. Similarly, you have to prove your worthiness before being able to create a clan.

The First Step

The first step would be to reach the Legend rank!

As mentioned in the ranking system, this Legends rank will be something special. To reach here, you need to showcase exceptional performance and rank up skills from bronze to diamond. Moreover, when you become a Legend, you are officially at the highest!

It proves that your rating has surpassed everyone’s skills in the game. And, only in this rank can you create a clan. Why? The Listerians need a hero who can defeat every evil entity and surpass the usual shackles.

Being a Legend makes you extraordinary!

The Second Step

After you have reached Legend, you can easily create the clan from the game interface. Also, this is where all the interactions start!

You cannot start a family without having any members. Due to that, when the clan gets created, you can invite different participants and friends you have made along the way. Consequently, you will be given the necessary tools and skills to offer opportunities to people from the game.

You can invite people with the necessary skills to reach your ultimate goals. Or, you can wait for people to apply for an introduction to your clan.

Either way, it will be a win-win situation for you. Why? Because you can socialize, introduce and invoke fun into the game.

The Third Step

Do you remember how that greedy Elf’s experiments fell into the hands of humans? It was the reason why they lost, and the War finally ended.

What does it teach you?

You cannot trust everyone! That is why you should not take every applicant or person you met in Listeria in your clan. Moreover, the creators have ensured to keep the number of places strictly limited.

Once your clan has enough of your trusted comrades, you can quickly appoint tasks to them.

Yes! You will be able to appoint several people to the positions of officers. It helps in the management of your clan so that your community grows into something exceptional.

This way, you can win any battle that is thrown at you. Having management will help you deal with unexpected problems, tournaments, and rank battles!

The Roles in Your Clan

Systematic socialization is essential when it comes to maintaining a balance between power and fun. Due to this, the players of the clan have to be divided into three groups.

What are these groups? They are:

● The head of the clan

● The officers of the clan

● The ordinary participants

These groups will be assigned by the person who initially created the clan! So, what are the roles of these people in your clan?

The Head of the Clan

That’s you! Well, only if you created the clan after reaching the Legend level.

Anyone who is the clan’s head has the most significant weight in decision-making. Everything related to the clan’s betterment falls under the shoulders of the clan head.

Indeed, if you are the clan’s creator, you will be defaulted into being the head. So, think of yourself as the general of your army – everyone will listen to and respect your decisions! You can accept new participants and decide to exclude them.

The head needs to appoint different officers to the positions and give them roles. Moreover, they can also displace or replace them in case of underperformance.

You can take the help of your officers as well. Yes, together with your officers, you can decide what percent of awards for a season will be beneficial. In addition, it will be highly advantageous for the clan since you can determine what to divide between members.

Are you good at making decisions, or are you bad at them?

If you are the head of your clan, you can remove yourself whenever you want. However, you need to understand that you are giving up on the power you had on your “subjects.”

There might be one reason or another for you to hand over the reins to another trusted member of the clan. It is entirely normal to do this if you are finding it overwhelming. Either way, you can still be part of this beautiful journey!

The Officers of the Clan

There are officers that the head appoints. This group is small and filled with successful players who can help manage the clan. Therefore, an officer is subordinate to the clan head.

These officers can send invitations and confirm applications about the introduction of new participants. However, they cannot take or exclude other members of the clan.

They have got the power to vote on this matter. Every member of the clan has the right to participate in making such decisions to exclude existing members. Consequently, they can also initiate removal of votes of other officers from any position.

Officers can offer any of the rank-and-file members to their position.

Even then, the seats are limited and can get filled quickly. Why? Because on your journey to Legend, you may have made numerous friends whom you trust to be your officers.

If the seats are available, you officers can invite ordinary people into the rank. Though, in both cases, voting will allow the definitive opinion based on the majority.

The Ordinary Participants of the Clan

The ordinary participants in the clan have the best socializing skills in the game. Everyone wants to rank up, so these people will try their best to gain more power. They make about 70% of the clan, even with their more minor abilities.

Indeed, this group is like a mini town. They can even initiate a vote for an exception or removal of other members from the clan.

Everything in the Listerian clan system is like Democracy! Due to this, they can vote out certain officers depending on the majority votes. If there are few officers in your clan, the most productive participants will take the seats automatically.

Apart from that, ordinary participants take part in every voting activity. They can witness the misuse of power and displace careless officers easily.

This group will be the eye-witnesses for any wrong-doings by your officers!

Listeria has already seen a lot of negative energy; your clan does not need to add to that anymore.

Gaming With Your Clan

Once you have set up your socialization circle, you need to take it further. How?

Clan battles!

The actual game for the strongest begins. Clan battles promise to be the most challenging but extremely interesting.

All members of the clan can:

● Get involved in rating fights

● Earn points for the clan rating

Due to this, your clan will be lifted to the top!

The most productive clans will receive notable awards and honor and glory at the end of a season.

Similarly, all of the participants will have a personal rating in the clan. It depends on the results of each player and on how many points he earned for the clan. Moreover, the most productive players at the end of a season will receive awards.

These come from the clan’s treasury, where a part of the earned award will arrive. The personal rankings and the clan rankings will be higher simultaneously.

The Hero’s Delegation

Clan awards and ratings will determine the Listerian magic you feel. The higher you are, the positive you will feel.

The system of delegation of heroes means that each participant can share one of their characters with the champions.

For a while, you can transfer characters to other participants of your clan. With these heroes, they can battle in rating fights and earn more points. However, all equipment slots will be blocked, and the hero will have to battle with what the owner equipped him with.

The award from the fights will be received not only by the one he plays but also by the one who borrowed it, receiving some percent for a victory.

And, that is How You Socialize with Legends of Listeria Players

Listeria – the world where everything is possible! As you can see, creating clans and assigning roles is the only way to interact with players. However, this is not everything that is planned for clans – we have kept the best for later!

Are you ready for the clan fights to allow yourself to make new friends in this network? Are you willing to redeem the lost heroes of Listeria? Can your clan become your Listerian family?

Only time will tell!

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