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3 min readJul 4, 2022

Hello our social networks family. For a long time we did not appear here with the news, and during this time we managed to miss you a lot. We hope you do too. But we were silent for a reason, the whole Realis team worked hard on new updates.

We have news from designers, developers, and even from the HR department. We hope we managed to interest you, but we will not drag out the intrigue for a long time. Can’t wait to tell you everything. So let’s get started.

Visual and everything you can see

It’s very important to us that Realis games are captivating at first sight. Therefore, the process of creating a visual in our company is very painstaking and multicomponent. Over the past couple of weeks, our 2D, 3D artists and designers have done a lot of processes in our games, and here are some of them.

Legends of Listeria:

  • Made illustrations for Emilia and Soulhunter;
  • Finished VFX skills for Jacob;
  • Retextured Hyo, updated shaders and changed FX effects;
  • Reworked the rendering style of Listeria items. All items will be in the new style in the future;
  • Finalized and optimized shaders for the map and characters.

All of these visual updates will be shared on social media for the diehard Listeria fans. Follow our twitter so you don’t miss out.

Crypto Cats & Crypto Dragons:

  • We are developing logos for cats and dragons;
  • Approved a new UI for cats and dragons. We really want your interaction with the game to be as convenient as possible. We will add it to the game soon and hope you enjoy it.

Development and everything hidden inside games

Behind every even the smallest update of the game is a huge work of a whole team of developers. Often these processes remain behind the scenes of social networks, and in the game itself you may not notice them either. But believe, it is very interesting, although sometimes difficult.

We are ready for any challenge, and every day we work to improve our products. Here are some updates from the last weeks:

  • We tested authorization through Google and Facebook on the stage, we made sure that everything works. This will be available after the migration;
  • Solved the problem with a large number of requests during registration and password change. We have limited the number of these requests. Now, in 1 hour, 1 user per 1 mail can make 5 attempts to change the password and register.
  • While testing Crypto Dragons, we found several small bugs on the client side. We’ve already fixed most of it.
  • We wrote and tested a common marketplace from the backend side. It remains to connect the blockchain, set up the client part and establish interaction.
  • We increased the speed of transactions and optimized interaction with the blockchain. Now all purchases, nickname change, opening of the loot box will be done quickly and without any errors.

HR and team growing

Our team is growing and we are extremely happy about it. More people — more new ideas and cool solutions. Here are some news on the subject:

  • Realis is actively looking for a new Graphic Designer. We have conducted a lot of interviews and test tasks, but continue to search. We believe in the strength of our HR, because our social networks need a new hero.
  • We also are currently looking for a game designer. At the moment, we have already conducted 13 interviews, and we hope that the perfect member of the team will join us soon.

Well, that’s all the main news that we wanted to share. And while you were reading this article, our team managed to do a few more important things. But about them — in the next updates.

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