Realis Network: Big Social Media Update

3 min readMay 27, 2022


Greetings, dear community members! As you know, Realis Network already has five prosperous years of evolution. We’ve been through a lot together and we are always trying to enhance your gaming experience and interactions within the community.

You must have noticed some changes and it’s time to reveal all the secrets. Briefly, we’re expanding our presence in social media for you to benefit even more from our projects. So, without further ado, jump on our ride, and let’s dive into the details!

New Twitter Pages: Legends of Listeria & Crypto Cats/Crypto Dragons

All of our gaming projects are different. With their own gameplay, characters, lore, and community. So, it was a logical next step for us to create a digital space for each project to highlight its unique features. Each Twitter page will have new design and content, and of course, new activities to keep you interested.

New Realis Network Social Media Ecosystem

And if you were wondering, the Realis Network original Twitter Page will still be up & running. There you will find all the important information concerning our updates, statistics, and future plans.

So, please welcome our new Twitter Ecosystem:

Realis Network Twitter
Legends of Listeria Twitter
Crypto Cats & Crypto Dragons Twitter

Realis Network: Instagram

We hope that you’ve already subscribed to our Instagram page. And if not, do it now to not miss out on our Inta-activities. Why are we launching an Instagram page? Well, it’s the best platform to share diverse dynamic content. The best digest of all the news and top features seasoned with colorful stories and special giveaways.

Realis Network Instagram

New design

We’ve collected the best of each world design-wise to create a special visual identity for each project. Magical medieval elements for Legends of Listeria, vibrant neon for Crypto Cats & Crypto Dragons, and well-known brand orange for Realis Network. Association with your favorite games from the first glance!

New Design

What about Twitter Contest & Weekly Tournament?

Don’t worry: all of your favorite Twitter Activities are safe and sound. Moreover, each Twitter will have their own giveaways and contests. Weekly BINGO Contest, Weekly Legends of Listeria Contest, and, of course, Crypto Cats & Crypto Dragons Tournament. The Tournament results could still be found on our Telegram and on the brand new Crypto Cats & Crypto Dragons Twitter. Hurry up to subscribe and become the greatest $LIS holder!

We hope you are as excited as our team to open up a new wonderful chapter! Don’t forget to subscribe to all of our socials and let’s continue our amazing journey:

Official website:
Twitter Realis Network:
Instagram Realis Network:
Twitter Legends of Listeria:
Twitter Crypto Cats & Crypto Dragons:




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