Realis 2022: what to expect?

3 min readJan 3, 2022


Greetings, our dear community members! Happy New Year to everyone, hope the coming 2022 will bring joy and prosperity to your house: and while you are still celebrating, it is the perfect time to share our plans for this year. Trust us, it will be a busy year for the Realis team since we need to accomplish pretty many tasks to follow up with our 2021 successes! Read this article till the very end and know what to expect from us and be ready for in 2022.

The key milestones

One of our top priorities right now is to get the $LIS token represented on some cryptocurrency exchange: we plan to conduct it in Q1 2022. We must do it as soon as possible, since if we won’t have a tradable token, then our games could not be considered as play-to-earn. We can’t give you more details about it due to NDA, but our team has already made significant progress here, so getting listed this winter seems to be real. Realis team knows that our community is extremely excited about it, so subscribe to our social media not to miss any updates regarding that!

The other important point for us is to get our games launched in App Store: thus we can attract IOS-using players. It is not an easy task indeed, since Apple seems to filter and double-check all the products that are allowed to join App Store, but we assure you: our developers and programmers will find all the necessary solutions to welcome IOS gamers to the large Realis family!

If we talk about development goals, we must also add the launch of our own completed architecture. This process has started in 2021, but we plan to accomplish this task in 2022 – it is a big deal, to launch your blockchain architecture, so our development departments will be heavily focusing on it now. Besides, this is another big element of our play-to-earn model, so we need it to be done as soon as possible so that our players can finally be a part of the in-game economy by 100 percent.

Last but not least – 2022 will be a starting point for us to develop our new game. 2021 finally showed us that we are moving in the right direction, so we want to give birth to another product. We can’t share much of the details right now, but you can be sure that this game will conquer the hearts of the gamers and become a decent part of the Realis gaming universe! Again, subscribe to our social networks not to miss any of the updates.

As you see, Realis plans to expand greatly; thus we will need the trust and support of our community! Stay with us, play our games and witness the blockchain gaming revolution together.

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