Preparing for Winter in Listeria

Do you hear the magic whisper, «Winter is nigh?»

In other countries, winter is the representation of sadness and gloom. The cold dark skies loom over the cities and eat away at the beauty of nature. Moreover, winter has been long considered to be a time of turmoil and the loss of security.

But, not in Listeria!

Even with the aftermath of the Great War, Listeria still houses the spirit of happiness. However, Taiyo, the protector of nature, hated the winters, bringing in more destruction.

Now that everything has gotten back to normal, winter is celebrated.

The happiness is back in Blackstone and outside. The first snow approaches, and it brings in holidays and the clutches of winter.

In a short while, Listeria, too, will get covered in a beautiful snow-white hue. Almost as if Taiyo is laying a soft blanket over the mountain caps in the continent. It is already November, and the people of Listeria are beginning to prepare for the wondrous winter.

The carnivals and the festivals should not have any complications. For Listerians, gone are the days of dread and unhappiness.

Let’s walk through the branches of winter that Listeria has!

The Natural Implication of Winter

About 90% of the population died in the war. Yet, it failed to crush the spirits of everyone living there. This integrity showed how strong-willed every Listerian is.

Even with severe winters, the population prepares for it with courage and hope.

Elora keeps singing her magical winter melody as people start to prepare for winter in advance. Every Hero of Listeria comes together as one to celebrate life.

Indeed, winter represents death and sadness. But, to Listerians, it is a hope that spring is soon to come.

That is why they start preparing in November.

Harvesting Food for the Good of Listerians

The season of the harvest comes in soon after autumn ends. During this time, every Listerian tasked with handling the fields will collect their stocks and transport them to reliable storage units.

Food shortage has been a pressing issue for Listeria in the last hundred years. Therefore, now that the war is over, they are willing to keep everything in place.

The safehouses that store food have a magical seal protected by Elven magic.

Due to that, every crop remains fresh and can get distributed throughout the cold weather. It does not get damaged or rotten, only because of how careful the Government is.

The people working for the Listerian Government buy the harvest from farmers. From here, they distribute the food stocks to the dealers. Furthermore, these dealers go to shops and sell the food to citizens.

This scheme may seem unwelcoming and demanding for most countries.

However, Listeria needs this. Due to this Government scheme, everyone gets to have a full belly. Without it, the rich will hoard all the food, and the poor people will not get any.

The Government easily divides the product evenly throughout the neighborhood of Blackstone. It also helps control the price policy – no one gets overcharged for food.

Indeed, this evokes a sense of equality in the city.

Everyone living in Blackstone can endure the winter only because of this scheme. Some humans oppose these controlled prices as they feel threatened to be governed by the state.

Fair Sale of Listeria

Along with the supply preparations in Blackstone, the winter brings in the large-scale fair sale.

Numerous masters from different corners of the city come in and stay on the fairgrounds for three days. From Friday to Sunday, the sale remains as they sell their goods at a discounted price.

Doing this helps get rid of the surplus production from the magical storage unit from the previous year. Therefore, it helps make room for new products. Along with food, they also sell equipment and products for the coming winter.

The residents of Listeria love this sale as they get numerous items. They get useful things like:

● Winter Clothes

● Different Magical Stones

● Technical Devices

● Scraps From the War

Such magical devices use Elven technology to keep houses warm. Moreover, it sells toys for the children who love being in the fair and running around with their friends.

Pets of Listeria

The domestic house lizards will fall into winter hibernation and will not wake till spring. That is why owners create special sheds for their pets.

Here their beloved animal will remain cozy and warm. Furthermore, they can quietly wait out the atrociously cold winter in a soothing environment made from straw and covers.

Other magical pets also spend the Listerian winter in their internally heated rooms. However, some winter animals love to play in the snow, and sometimes Blackstoners will be seen running after mischievous pets, trying to get them home.

Either way, every Listerian believes in keeping their beloved pet away from frost and snow.

The First Snow Settles

The first snow usually comes on the last day of fall. And, as soon as it settles, citizens start preparing for the winter holidays.

So, what do they do?

They start decorating their houses with multi-colored tags and garlands. Every home will now have a wall that has color bulbs and lamps which enhances the festive season. Moreover, children are running around the joint front yards – working together to invoke the holiday spirit.

The Blackstone Tavern becomes jollier than ever as days become shorter and nights become longer.

Despite the hard times, these people know how to live through adversities with a smile on their faces. Moreover, they adhere to all their traditions, and Blackstone shines brighter than any magical stone in existence.

For several days, nobody will find a single glimmer of darkness. The city becomes bright, imbibed with the laughter and love of festivities.

Fixing Houses: A Blackstone Tradition

For Poor Citizens

Warming the houses, or as Blackstoners like to call them, «Transforming our humble abode,» is a way to welcome winter.

People do not forget to do this as they fix their houses with advanced processes. They use simple equipment to fix all the cracks that can blow into a draft. Moreover, they also use advanced prepared materials from clay and hay to fix houses.

Even without enough money, they work together as a family to create a home that is fit for any festival of Listeria.

For Wealthy Citizens

Wealthy citizens use special solutions manufactured with magic and by magicians of Listeria. They use this to process their walls and keep them heated throughout the cold winters.

Indeed, this can be an expensive means, but it remains popular in most wealthy households.

Listerian Winter for the Surviving Elven Population

The War seems to have eradicated the essence of harmonious living. However, Blackstone has become a haven for all Listerians – Human or otherwise.

The tradition of Elves is almost similar to that of Humans. According to their ancient tradition, Elves are supposed to visit friends on the first Friday of winter. In addition, they also eat different treats together and arrange dinners for communicating and discussing new year resolutions and plans.

Since the war ended, the cultures of both these beings have intertwined. The whole world came together in Blackstone.

That is why other races like Humans and Gnomes also started to follow their peaceful tradition. Everyone believed that winter was a good occasion to visit family and make amends. As tradition dictated, the dinner had to be cooked by the male.

There were many salads and fish dishes that everyone loved.

The crowd favorite would be the baked carp in Blackstone. Even before the Great War, other races began to add their elements at some point in history.

For example, this predominant Elven tradition had customs introduced to it. These included:

● Display the best hunting trophies

● Show progress at work

● Boast about recent accomplishments

● Talk about children or engagement

The Dwarfs began organizing competitions in drinking alcoholic beverages, which was peculiar for most Elves. Even though most races failed to adapt this innate Dwarven trait, alcohol is now an integral part of the winter tradition.

Listerian Taverns: Places of Fun

Many taverns during the winter enter seasonal dishes into their menu. That is why people from all over the continent come over to eat these delicacies.

These dishes are famous (mostly because of the delicious fat) and act as an important tradition.

Blackstone has the largest tavern where people will find an incredibly special menu. Anyone above the age of 21 can indulge in it and witness the beauty of Listerian music. Moreover, the menu it serves will move anyone with its juicy stature.

It includes:

● Pepper With Stuffed Meat

● Juicy Vareniki in Oil

● Roasted River Fish

● Hot Wine

This menu is just a glimpse of what any visitor can try during the winters. The Blackstone tavern is a favorite place for people to hear adventure stories. It is where heroes hang out and have fun after coming back from their work.

Winter in Listeria: A Beauty to Behold

During the cold season, Listeria becomes a haven for joyous occasions. Here you will find an amalgamation of different cultures and food. Elves, Dwarves, Gnomes, Humans live together in harmony, trying to forget the past.

In general, the winters in Listeria are severe. There is thick snow, and the machines freeze up, even with magic. That is why people start preparing for it with thorough determination.

The holiday atmosphere becomes abundant as winter brings in festivals that the continent has been waiting for.

From fair sales to hibernation, Listeria sees it all.

The houses light up like a thousand stars. The rich and the poor celebrate together – with or without magic. They fix up their homes and hang different lights.

The Elves visit their family and have massive feasts. Furthermore, the Blackstone tavern learned from that essence and introduced a beautiful menu that everyone loves.

The general atmosphere is filled with the holiday spirit. No one in Blackstone thinks of winter’s arrival as a bad thing. On the contrary, numerous citizens anticipate it.

They wait for the season, especially children. There are games in the snow that they can play along with leisurely activities.

Festivals like Samuin are a true representation of how they feel about life and happiness. Every race offers its special traditions, cultures, and values to the city.

Indeed, every Listerian loves the winter!

What about you? Do you love winter? People of Listeria will pray that the forthcoming season brings joy for you and your family.

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