Migration and what it means for the company and users

3 min readJul 15, 2022

We did it! Realis Network has migrated. This is great news for the company and all our users. We came a long way and worked hard. So take popcorn and let’s figure out what it means for us and you.

In short:

  • Migrated to microservices architecture;
  • Moved to WebSocket communication;
  • Fixed bugs;
  • Improved security;
  • Decentralized data;
  • Moved to a new website;
  • Added personal wallets and fixed problems with purchases;
  • Eliminated bots.

Let’s go through these points.

Microservice architecture

Before the migration, we had to stop the whole game to make changes to any part of it. Currently, we no longer need to restart the server with every update due to the migration to microserial architecture.

Furthermore, we can make changes to e.g. BINGO or Game Store without freezing the whole game. In other words, you can observe updates in the application without taking your eyes off the game.

We have moved to a websocket communication

The server can now send requests to the client. Users will get information and actual data faster.

For example, a change of the tournament, a new winner, a change of BINGO seasons, and a lot of other information, which you cannot see, will appear at once, not by request of the client.

We will also be able to promptly report important events, and players will receive information about the status of the game timely. For instance, as soon as the game runs out of credits, you will immediately know about this.

Fixed bugs

In general, bugs are an integral part of the project design and development. It works like this: we detect them (often with your help), find the cause, fix them and improve our games.

Improved security

We did a good job on security and pumped up our level of protection against DoS attacks. It is harder to spam us. All user data and $LIS accounts will be secured more.

Decentralizing data

We also switched to faster, more separate databases from MySQL to PostgreSQL. It makes all processes run much swifter. Note that due to the securitization the user might not notice it.

The average database query speed is now only 3 milliseconds. In the previous version, the longest query lasted 500 milliseconds, but now it’s only 47 milliseconds. During this time you won’t even have time to blink. Check it out :)

Moving to new site

The speed of the site has increased by 5 times.

We used websockets and can boast of real time changing.

There is no need to refresh the page anymore. The information constantly updates.

Now the whole site is in one window, it loads faster. Navigation through the pages of the site is instantaneous.

Personal wallets on the site and no problems with purchases

Each user will have their personal wallet on the site link and in the game.

Also we have many useful microservices on the site (referral system, transactions, user profiles). All of them will now work smoothly, independently. If an error occurs somewhere, everything will continue to function normally.

Bot Cleaning

Last but not least, cleaning up bot and fake accounts.

We really appreciate every user, but we really don’t like empty bots, which only get in the way. So we successfully eliminated them and did our best to prevent new ones from appearing.

For those who have read to the end, we have better news. All of the above brings us closer to the fact that withdrawals and deposits will be opened. Moreover, we can connect the blockchain. Keep following updates on our social networks, play games and enjoy them.

Official website: https://realis.network

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Twitter Legends of Listeria: https://twitter.com/LegendsListeria

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