Listerium Crystals — The Secret of Listeria’s Magic

The world of Listeria without the magical crystals is like a city without its inhabitants. If the magic faded away, the country would become a lost cause and deserted. Indeed, nothing is more important than the components of Listerium crystals.

The magic that runs within its anatomy is sacred to every Listerian, irrespective of their race.

The eternal sparkle with a purple translucent tint makes the stone a hundred times more appealing. They represent the purest form of magical energy found in the world. And, all of it gets materialized into a rock.

Listeria has used these crystals for good, evil, and the despicable. Yet, it only shines bright in the hands of reasonable inhabitants. The continent has used the crystals of Listerium to channel the all-powerful universal energy.

They have used the magical ore in advanced mechanisms to make it extra strong, sturdy, and durable. For example, you could see Listerium crystals in forgers, Dwarf smelters, and mills.

Most importantly, the mechanisms of Technomancers used the power to win the Last War.

Such crystals have been etched into all Listerian’s lives and intertwined with their daily activities. All the inhabitants have become entrenched with the miracle sent from the universe. Because of these unique crystals, the land of Listeria will once again prosper and become the greatest in the world.

The Impact of Crystals on the History of Listeria

Every Listerian knows for a certainty that the Elves discovered the ultimate power of these crystals. They used it to power their cities and claim a superior hand on the continent. They became selfish and unleashed the universe’s wrath without using it for good.

The crystals started to emit a destructive power in the wrong hands. Indeed, the harmful properties of Listerium crystals were only discovered due to someone’s greed for power.

It was all because of the honorable magician Manbrook! He worked on these crystals, cut them open, and experimented on them. He did not know what he was messing with — The magic of the universe.

In one of his experiments, he could drain the energy from a crystal. Upon pumping out all the magic, he then proceeded to turn it into a destructive ray. It had the potential to destroy everything!

This ray was the beginning of Listeria’s doom, even if it was just from a drop of magic. The universe was watching, and it did not like being tampered with. Hence, this event became the cusp of the changing history of this world.

It was the starting point of something gruesome, and nobody could turn their backs on it. The history of Listeria was forever changed. Once a happy land, it now turned into a destructive battle.

Even then, utilizing the power for technological advancements was the good side of the Listerium’s power. It soon became the best friend of all inhabitants of Listeria.

The entire population became sworn enemies and ultimately killers.

The Almost Disappearance of Listerium Crystals

The universe witnessed the eternal suffering that was to befall this beautiful continent. Once prosperous, Listeria was now the center of a worldwide cataclysm.

Even Gods who loved humanity turned their backs on this continent. Due to this, the magic of Listerium crystals almost withered away. Before the Last War, every farmer had the chance to use magic.

Indeed, the crystals were like a natural source that powered all agricultural equipment. The magic was simple and accessible to every Listerian.

It was genuinely used for the good of the country. But, once the war began, technomancers took over the power, and Blackstone held a monopoly over the stones.

It was almost like a dictatorship where the people had no right to voice their opinion. The greedy army witnessed the power of these stones and mined ore colonies throughout Listeria. During the war, these ores featured criminals on their punishment, and even the innocent were sent off to mine the crystals.

It was like a jail where the authorities had free labor where the criminals served time. The incredible labor mined huge and significant quantities of Listerium crystals.

The mines got covered by blood as the purple light disappeared from the caves one by one. Even then, there are hopeful whispers that allude to places hidden in the cracks of Listeria where you can find no shortage of Listerium crystals.

The Source of All Listerium Crystal Magic

The world of Listeria was full of magic and wonder. Every inhabitant was happy and could use crystals for essential activities. Yet, the greed of Humankind, Elves, and Dwarves took away all the essence from the country.

The crystals got used up for gruesome activities during the war, and people died. Around 90% of the population was killed off due to this greed.

Yet, one thing remained the same, untouched and somewhat forgotten.

The “dead center” of Listeria held all the answers to the magic of the crystals. Avid travelers and adventurers can quickly point it out on the map. This location was formally the Star Dew field where all the magic of Listerium sources from.

Adventurers talk about how you could find crystals etched in the ground. On the contrary, travelers have seen the crystals form hills and unique-looking mountain ranges.

This place had immense magical essence and held valuable resources like the Listerium crystals. Even then, nobody had the power to mine this region due to the immeasurable concentration of magic. The population of Listeria stayed away from these regions as they were scared of it.

Due to this substantial magical power, nothing was found alive in this region.

No animals. No inhabitants. Nothing!

It was like a barren land, where every Listerian could get lost and lose their lives. Not only was it the deadly zone, but it was the most feared place in all of Listeria.

The Magical Creatures Living There

Some Listerian lore chronicles the life of Listerian fauna. These rumors suggest that only magical creations could adapt to the changing atmosphere found in this place. It was indeed the epicenter of the optimal concentration of Listerian magic.

These animals would grow crystal covers as a coping mechanism to the weather in this area. They have now turned into stone giants while making them slow.

Listerians would ask you never to venture into the realms of this land. If you do, you will find unprecedented magical storms that never end, disasters that are unheard of, and local cataclysms.

Indeed, such incredible power, yet nobody can use it. This place mocks the inhabitants and does not allow anyone to venture into the Golden Vein of Listerium.

Get any closer, and you will be forever gone!

The Main Currency of Listeria — The Magical Crystals

Even during modern times, the main currency of this country is the Listerium crystals. Other fiat options are available, but the crystals are of the highest order.

It is the only currency that would let you buy anything and everything. A farmer can buy bread while a knight could get hold of a faithful sword using the crystals. Only Blackstone had a monopoly over it during the war, but now everyone could access the power.

The history of Listeria before the war is vague, and not everyone remembers life beyond it. So, nobody knows whether the crystals served as a medium of payment or not.

Was it the measure of everything before the cataclysm? That is something the Listerians would never figure out. The Elven empire destroyed the scriptures that painted the history of Listeria.

It was nothing short of a bloodbath, and the world took advantage of it. Looters from around the world came and tried to get hold of the crystals for their own.

The time was tough, and the inhabitants failed to protect their identity. Now, the magical crystals are the reason behind the functionality of the Last City of Listeria — Blackstone. Even though there is a life outside Blackstone, nobody benefits from it.

The Technomags Created Banks

Without the magic, the remaining Listerians would not be in harmony. Indeed, the crystals helped Technomags during the war, but after the war, they curated and built particular banks.

These have magical lock systems that were unbreakable. Not even the most powerful Mage could break into.

Due to the high level of security, people started to store their magical stones in the banks for safety. Eventually, it became the main currency in the country. And one of the most significant contributing factors to that is the uniqueness of these crystals.

It had a unique advantage that non-Listerians could not understand. It was eternally impossible to replicate and fake.

Indeed, no one could recreate the magic of the crystals, even if they ventured into the dead zone. Due to this, the crystals rose in value, and some believe they will overtake any precious metal.

Gold and silver do not stand a chance against the beauty and power of Listerium crystals.

A Hope for Listeria’s Future

The uniqueness of these crystals made Listerians what they are today. The Humans, the Elves, and the Dwarves went through so much to get to a peaceful point. Even with 90% of the population gone, Listeria stands tall but broken.

Only the magical crystals could bring back the lost glamor. People still hope that Listeria will gain back its luster.

What do you think? Will the crystals carve a path for all Listerians to follow? The hope is alive, as long as the magic survives!

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