Legends of Listeria: hero guides

Greetings, our dear community members! Five days have passed since we released Legends of Listeria to the open beta and tomorrow we were telling you the info on the gaming process, thus today is the time to speak on the next important part of this game — the characters. Even though there are only three of them available at the moment (Taiyo, Christopher, and June), the gameplay differs seriously, so this article will tell you how each of these heroes can help you to win in battle. So let us begin.

Actual guidance

Before we will speak of each hero in particular, first we need to define some of the basic mechanics that each hero has. Christopher, Taiyo and June, as well as other characters that will be added in the future, will have three buttons to press — unique basic attack, a skill, a dash and an ultimate. Let us describe each of them separately.

  1. Basic attack — the simplest element of an attack strategy. It differs from one character to another, so the good idea would be to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of each character and decide what his role would be: an attacker, a tank etc.

Now let us discuss each hero separately to realise what skills they have and what are the best opportunities to use them in battle.


The first hero to be presented in this guide is Christopher and the reason is that this little boy can greatly influence the battle, turning an inevitable defeat into a spectacular victory. Despite the fact that he has the least HP points among three today’s heroes, his skills are dedicated to controlling enemies and tank incoming damage. Despite the fact that his basic attack is relatively weak (throwing his wrench in enemies), it might be a good idea to use his dash to rush into the battle, since his unique skill is electric field, which slows down enemies and allows his allies to deal with them easily. And his ultimate is a perfect addition to his skills set — he summons his full metal friend Bishop to help him in battle, which is basically a fourth hero to join your team. His whole skills make him a perfect frontender, who can dive in the heart of battle, slowing down enemies and starting a mess with his robot buddy, while other heroes attack their enemy from behind. Indeed, a fine addition to every team.


A natural born sniper, June has a gifted talent to defeat enemies with her significant firepower. Her basic attack of shooting with revolvers is much stronger than the one Christopher has and her unique skill allows to fly through enemies and push them away, which can act as another element of control. Meanwhile, her dash is mostly about searching for an ideal position on the battlefield, since her ultimate is a firestorm, which can deal a significant amount of damage to a single target. To sum up, we can say: June is a perfect Listerian assassin, hunting down the most dangerous enemy heroes with her double dash (original one + her skill) and finishing them up with her ultimate. A good hero, which can be 100% realised if you have a strong frontliner (like Christopher, for example).


A fire goddess, Taiyo is eager to drop a storm of flames on her enemies. Her basic attack (wave of fire) can deal damage to multiple targets and her special skill are the fireballs around her, which hit nearby enemies. But despite the fact that her skill is meant to deal damage in close range, it might be a good idea to use her dash in order to find a distant position to cast her ultimate — a firestorm, that deals area damage to her enemies. Indeed, a powerful hero, but since she has limited opportunities to survive and to escape the battle, you, fellow Listerians, might consider using her to kill enemies from a distance.

That is all we wanted to tell you about the heroes we currently have at Legends of Listeria. There will be more of them added in the future, so our users will be able to utilize different strategies in order to achieve spectacular wins and become a hero of Listerian land! Stay tuned, guys, and subscribe to our social networks so as not to miss any important updates!

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