Legends of Listeria: gameplay guide

Greetings, our dear community members! In the last article we have told you about our future plans and what Legends of Listeria is meant to be, so now it is time to tell our users more about how to actually play the game! Today we are going to describe basic mechanics that we have at the moment, the basic gaming mode, characters’ skills and other stuff that will help you to achieve spectacular wins on Listerian battleground! So let us begin.

The core mechanics

To start up the guide, we have to describe the basic attributes each hero has. First of all, each hero has an HP-bar and an attack bar of three charges (you can consider it as “mana” for your character’s skills). We might also point out that each hero has a different amount of HP and his skills (including ultimate, the strongest one) deal distinct damage. Lets abstractly imagine that we have a hero with 4 HP-points and skill 1, which deals 2 damage, skill 2, which deals 1 damage, skill 3 which also deals 2 damage and ultimate which deals 4. He is fighting against a hero with 6 HP-points and skills that deal 1, 2, 1 damage and ultimate, which deals 3. It is pretty evident that to defeat a hero, his HP should be decreased to zero, thus in our example the first hero, who is clearly a damage dealer, has to shoot all his skills on target to defeat the second hero, who can be considered as a tank. Meanwhile, the second hero has to dodge them, waiting for the perfect moment to counter attack, since his skills deal significantly less damage. The other important moment is that Legends of Listeria has a system of auto regeneration, so if your attack won’t be deadly enough, the enemy hero can simply back off and restore the damage you have dealt to him. The current gaming mode “Crystal Capture” means that after a character gets killed, he is being respawned at one of his team spots, but the detailed description of a gaming mode that we currently have is a topic for the next part of our article.

Crystal Capture gaming mode

Keeping in mind that Legends of Listeria is still in beta at the moment, it is surely worth describing the only gaming mode we have at the moment. Let us start with the basic principle we use to сonstruct the maps – they are being built with a symmetry principle, which means you can find different obstacles and covers. While you are standing behind an obstacle, enemies won’t be able to hit you (excluding only those that can be destroyed by abilities). When you take cover, you become invisible to your enemy, so you can be detected only by projectiles flying from behind of it or if they approach close to you. Now let us get to the gaming process itself – we have two teams, three players in each, and the main objective is to fight for controlling the magic crystals – the ancient arcane power of Listeria. We have a mine in the center of a map, which produces crystals every 5–6 seconds, so the main struggle will be happening there. Crystals are being collected by the heroes of each team and the players are able to see how many crystals each of the heroes have collected already. Important notice: when the character dies, he respawns at one of his team spots, as it was told before, but all the crystals he was carrying are being dropped to the ground and can be collected both by allied and enemy heroes. The initial goal is to collect 10 crystals in one team, so when this happens, a countdown of 15 seconds starts: if nothing is going to change, like no enemy hero will die and drop them, the team which collected 10 crystals is declared as a winner. This gaming mode will require reaction and skill from the players, since match-ups last 2.5 minutes average. In the future, when equipment mechanics will be added for example, there will be even more opportunities to influence the gameplay, thus this at first sight simple gaming mode can provide lots of entertainment and challenge for Legends of Listeria players.

Guess we have missed something in this article, right? You surely want to know more about heroes and their skills, which can help you in future battles, don’t you? We have already thought of it, thus the detailed heroes guide will be released in the upcoming several days. Stay tuned, fellow Listerians and see you on the battlegrounds!

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