Introducing Yuki: The Spirited Young Shinobi

War always strips people of something they hold dear, whether it is something small or big. Likewise, in Listeria, there was an indescribable devastating war that goes by the name “The Great War.”

When the Great War struck Listeria, the aftermath was intense. Many citizens lost their loved ones, be it brothers, sisters, parents, cousins.

The death of someone dear to you can change your life irrevocably, but during a war, the effect of a loss is much worse. Especially when some citizens were deprived of the luxury of a home, their grievance could not be explained.

However, among these traumatic experiences, certain residents were able to retrieve their strength and become more powerful than ever. After all the losses they took in the Great War, it was a struggle, but they managed to pull through.

ShadowWood — Home to Ordinary Shinobis

You see, in Listeria, there is a village named ShadowWood. This once beautiful town was home to many skilled martial artists. They were one of the best fighters in all of Listeria.

Nonetheless, not everyone in ShadowWood had this skill. This village was brimming with undistinguishable warriors and shinobis. They held no impressive skills, strength and their path was nothing out of the ordinary.

Among these mediocre shinobis, there was a swordswoman named Yuki. Unlike the rest of the people in her town, she managed to alter her destiny completely and worked towards becoming one of the most skilled swordsperson in all of Listeria.

Ever since Yuki was born, everyone knew there was something different about her, and when we say different, we mean the bad kind of different. Ergo, she got many taunts and insults thrown her way. Her perky ears and bright amber-colored eyes always made her stand out in a bad light.

Despite all of this, she did not let this break her spirit even a bit. She has this big dream of becoming the strongest, quickest, and deadliest killer in the world. She didn’t limit herself to Listeria only. Albeit, she trained hard day after day. Even alone, she managed to sharpen her skills and strength the best she could.

Regardless, success did not come to her that easily. She remained the second last student on the list. It haunted her soul massively. One might think that she would be happy with not being last.

But this made it even worst for her. She absolutely hated the idea of being so average that it was eating up whatever was left of her soul. She couldn’t manage to be first nor last.

At least, if she were last, she would be below average. The average range revolted her so much that no one saw how much it destroyed her.

A Dire Attempt to Escape

At least, when she was about to turn fifteen, she attempted an escape from her village. She felt as if she had nothing to do in the town since it was not helping her towards her ultimate goal.

The consistent mockery and bullying from her fellows angered her greatly. However, she bottled all the anger in and cried herself to sleep every single night.

Her patience was running very thin. One of her classmates, Layla, decided to stand up for Yuki during all this. Layla defended Yuki from their harsh classmates because she used to have a friend who’d gone through the exact same thing Yuki was going through.

But now, here’s a plot twist. Instead of being thankful towards Layla, Yuki finally decided to release her anger. She swore an oath to kill Layla. Why though? She should’ve been grateful that someone had finally defended her against bullies, but no.

Yuki despised the idea of anyone being stronger than her. She has this relentless obsession with defeating someone tougher than her. This obsession led the spirited young shinobi to make her escape from ShowdowWood finally.

In Search for Something Great

She wandered the world all alone for months. The extended period of being alone turned her heart cold and uncaring.

Her fighting skills became better than ever since she had to continuously fend off thieves and robbers from the Great War. Still, she was far off from her dream. She was nowhere near Layla, her sworn enemy. That messed with her mind in unimaginable ways.

One night, she was resting in a forgotten fishing village. Out of nowhere, she found something she’d never expected to come across. An exquisite, beautiful, out-of-this-world sword was lying right around the corner.

As soon as her delicate rough fingers touched the hilt of the blade, she instantly felt this unrealistic connection. She knew that she had found exactly what she had been looking for all this time. She decided to name it Ame.

Ame ended up being the least ordinary thing she’d ever seen. The magnificent sword helped her achieve everything she had always dreamed of. It gave Yuki unprecedented power.

Ame deemed this young shinobi worthy of its power and strength. Unlike everyone else who had underestimated Yuki, there was finally someone in this harsh world who took a chance on her. Boy, did she achieve great things!

After months and months of drifting alone, she headed towards Blackwood. She had gotten news that Layla and the rest of the citizens of ShadowWorld would be in Blackwood. Still consumed by her desire for revenge and obsession, she knew that if she wanted people’s respect, she’d had to do something extraordinary.

In her mind, this consisted of defeating her sworn enemy and rival. She wanted her classmates to feel all the pain that they’d put her through. With all the vengeance devouring her soul, nothing could stop her, especially now that she was equipped with Ame, her godsent sword.

Before, she wasn’t physically ready to challenge any of her bullies. But now, all geared up, she was completely prepared to take on anyone and everyone.

The citizens of ShadowWorld had no idea what was about to come for them. After all, they’d nearly forgotten Yuki’s existence. They would severely regret degrading Yuki because nothing they can do now will stop her from achieving everything she had been training for.

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