Introducing the Magical Nations of Listeria

Listeria is a nation as beautiful as the sunflower fields, where the beautiful glow of the sun lights up the entire place. The land is populated with various living creatures from many worlds across the universe.

Talking about the flora is like a dreamy morning, where the mountain rivers give way to flat streams and tall ancient oaks turn into marshy silt, replacing it with the endless wasteland of the Great Steppe.

Listeria is inhabited by people from varying races, differing in their physical and cultural characteristics yet co-existing in harmony.

Meet the Closest Relatives of Humans — the Elves of Elhrun

This nation of Listeria is occupied by creatures almost indistinguishable from the human race. ‘Elhrun,’ as they like to call themselves, means “born of magic” in Elvish. And these elves are nothing short of magic!

As the name perfectly describes the elves, they are extraordinary creatures blessed with magical abilities, quite literally! They’re blessed with a lifespan ten times longer than that of humans. But that also makes them limited editions, and very few elves occupy Listeria.

Right from their births, the Elves of Elhrun have a self-acclaimed, strict code of honor, called “Alva”. According to this code, elves are forbidden to maintain close relations with members of other races, and incest is a punishable offense amongst Elhrun.

However, something changed after the Great War. All the barriers and restrictions of the code of honor seemed to cease as a majority of all elves were assimilated into the human world. They no longer adhere to the laws of their ancestral land.

Among the few who remain and adhere to Alva can be seen dressed in a leafy robe, proudly striding through Blackstone.

One of the most unique and identifying features of the elves of Elhrun are their exceptional magical schools. The elves’ have bundles of secret magical knowledge hidden behind their wooden libraries, a world only accessible to them.

Their magical powers expand beyond imagination with their brilliant healing and alchemy skills. When you come across an Elhrun and see them turn into a wild animal, changing shape and size in the blink of an eye, know that it’s one of their many magical powers.

After the Great War, many changes were witnessed. One of them was the diminished witchcraft-like skills of Elhrun technomages. Technomages are highly respectable and well-known beings among the elves.

The homes of Elhrun are one of the prettiest sights to behold! They make their everlasting homes inside oaks and ash trees with great effort and hard work. The inside view is to die for!

Multi-storeyed, wooden towered, and multi-roomed palace houses, it’s a dreamy sight to the eyes. Every Elhrun family has a unique home of its own, and it’s beautiful in its own sweet way. It’s lovely how Elhruns build a sweet-little family of their own.

The homes are filled with trophies and artifacts to great lineages of their ancestors, one of the most valuable assets of the elves. That makes the houses of the elves of Elhrun appear more like museums than homes. Creatures of other races consider this a common stereotype about the elves.

Didn’t we say that the elves have their secret world of libraries? Yes, that makes most of them librarians — collectors of stories of other nations, records of which are kept in their ancient and hidden libraries.

And Now, Welcome the Dwarves of Lothrak

The bearded halflings, the Dwarves of Lothrak, are the second proudest inhabitants of Listeria. These dwarves have an identity of miners and adventurers and are frequent visitors in Blackstone’s taverns.

A large part of the Dwarven culture is renowned for its connection to alcohol. Ancient methods of making hops are passed down from generation, and there are plenty of varieties of all kinds of intoxicating mixtures that amaze the imagination.

The most commonly identifiable feature of dwarves that makes them unique is their excellent expertise in metallurgy and engineering. Whenever the people of Listeria require strong armor or a razor-sharp blade, their go-to people are nobody else but dwarves.

These little magicians are blessed with brilliant skills and the craft of creating the finest blades, armor, jewelry, and other luxuries dear to the people of Listeria. There’s no match closer to that of the dwarves when it comes to engineering. The representatives of this race are known to have invented almost all known mechanisms.

Dwarves love building underground fortresses as their places of abode; this is why the names of many dwarven villages end in “gard”. Smelters at their forges work tirelessly inside these fortresses.

The People of Blackstone and the Great Steppe

The last in the list of the inhabitants of Listeria is the most populous of nations. These people epitomized themselves in history by virtue of creating the first state, code of laws, and the concept of law and order in Listeria.

Some of the greatest politicians, merchants, and artists were people from Blackstone. They’re widely settled throughout the territory of Listeria. And the diversity among these people is enormous! Multiple ethnic groups vary from the inhabitants of ordinary lowland fortresses to the dark-skinned Bedouins of the deserts.

The people of the Great Steppe are worth stealing all the spotlight. These inhabitants live in the East and have differing features from everyone else. Everything is unique to the people of Blackstone — their language, culture, and mythology.

They stand a class apart against the general background and give a complementing picture of the diversity of the inhabitants in Listeria. When it comes to the people of the Great Steppe, the grandeur of their heritage and lineage speaks for itself.

They help provide a colorful picture of Listeria, inhabited with races and cultures of people from different backgrounds, cultural and ancient history, lineages, and magical skills.

This rich diversity of Listeria makes this nation a unique and beloved nation of all its inhabitants. The coming together of diverse cultures paints a dreamy and vibrant picture of this lovely nation called Listeria.

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