Introducing Louis De Mora — The Living Machine

In the world of Listeria, Technomagic — the amalgamation of technology and magic — is a noteworthy feature.

One-half of the population believed that this same stage of technological development would help them cross the era of bloodshed and tears into a better future. Another half had magnificent distrust on the same.

And why wouldn’t they? This blend of technology and magic had fueled the Great War to no end. The lethal weapons running on the fuel of Listerium crystals essentially ravaged the entire world and brought it down to ashes.

Then, there was the city of Blackstone. Many prominent entities backed and supported the young inventors. Additionally, a group of Technomancers — Contemplators — took in their shelter every single one who swore allegiance to the technological community.

Amongst these technomancers, there was a dutiful man who learned to transform his body in a combat walking vehicle excellently. His name was Louis De Mora, and this is his story!

The Birth and Childhood of Louis De Mora

Born amidst the cataclysm and mayhem of the Great War, Louis truly understood the feeling of terror like no other. He watched his father and his brothers lose their limbs and endure horrific injuries when the army of the kingdom of Arch invaded and attacked their village.

Unfortunately, it forced him to assume the role of a responsible, big brother while he was still reasonably young. He tended to his debilitated relatives with a pure heart and unfathomable care. But that wasn’t the only thing that set him apart.

The boy had incredible mathematical and engineering skills. At the age of 12, he fixed the watermill! Undoubtedly, the villagers harbored admiration for him. They believed the little boy would bring them to reprieve from the slaughter and the pain of the indestructible war.

No wonder Louis became a symbol of all their hopes. And, those hopes were about to come true.

The Big Move to the Big City

One day, a well-meaning merchant spoke volumes about the peace and safety that prevailed in the city of Blackstone. In the whole of Listeria, it was one place where the doors were open for all immigrants, from every race and color, to co-exist together.

Louis, and his entire village, were so delighted and charmed by the idea of leading a safe and tranquil life in Blackstone. So, they traversed from a small town to the big city of Blackstone, the capital of Listeria.

The city turned out to be just as loving and warm as the merchant said it was. With arms wide open, it welcomed the migrant settlers and offered them a quiet life.

Every villager found a joyful space for themselves and assumed the role that best suited them.

If one became a blacksmith, another jumped at the opportunity of opening a sweet bakery. And, even though every villager lived far and wide in the city, they assembled on every occasion and every holiday.

This spirit of togetherness, the jubilation of their unity, was palpable every time they came together. It was their salvation. These were the days they were waiting for at the end of the dark tunnel. And, they were here, now!

Becoming a Technomancer

Months rolled into years, and Louis became a man with intelligent mental capabilities. He was brilliant and sharp and quickly amazed everyone at his school with the bountiful knowledge he had.

One day, when he participated in the Olympiads for young engineers, he caught the eye of Winston Goldshire, the director of Contemplator. This young lad with intelligence to marvel at and a unique prosthesis that he built for his war-stricken family was invited to be a part of the Contemplator.

And then, his life changed!

In the four walls of Technomagia school, Louis could open up and realize his true potential. His inventions of magical exoskeletons and prostheses soon surpassed the threshold of the monastery and enveloped the people of Blackstone.

Everyone who had lived, fought, and found themselves burnt by the disasters of the Great War found another chance to life, thanks to Louis’ inventions. And while Louis managed to change a lot of people’s lives, driving away their grief and offering them another lifeline, his own life flipped around.

Louis’ Reincarnation

On one dreadful day, a bunch of robbers from the Black Feather gang attacked Louis’ family. None survived.

Having lost his entire family to a freaky gang-related crime, Louis returned to the monastery and shut the doors indefinitely. He was fueled by the need for revenge, a desire to inflict perfectly painful retribution for the criminals who bestowed him with no mercy and turned his life dark again.

He toiled away for months. Until one day, he emerged from the magical chambers of Contemplator. Today, De Mora wasn’t the man he once was. He was born again with an invincible body and an undeterred spirit.

He had swapped his body for a technomagic prosthesis. And, on his hands, powerful listerium blasters were fitted that could burn trees down in one solid shot.

Powered by his need to take revenge, Louis’ entire life was now devoted to hunting down criminals and villains of Blackstone. The man had become undefeatable!

One sole motto drove him every single day: no other Louis De Mora will ever need to see a day of grief and anguish as he did. Nobody would have to go through a heart-wrenching incident of losing his family, his hope, and, more essentially, his life.

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