Introducing first NFT items in Legends of Listeria

The Legends of Listeria has just received a big update! The new update will bring about some exciting changes to the Legends of Listeria gameplay, including inventory and first NFT items. In our previous articles, we have already covered this topic, but let’s briefly refresh our knowledge.

Items and their influence on the gaming process

Items are a vital part of the game, since they allow players to increase their overall performance. In every RPG-game there will always be players who want more power than others; these people usually devote much time on getting rare drops — this is how they improve their gameplay experience. Inventory is a very important part of the game. It not only helps you keep track of what you have, but also stores all the items that you get while playing.

There are 9 types of equipment for each hero: head, weapon, armor, amulet, belt, boots and two rings, which gives a great deal of space for experiments with your item build. Each item has its own unique properties that can help players in their quest. For example, a sword can provide extra damage to your enemies in combat. Other weapons are not limited only by the basic attributes they improve; some can also add bonuses to the additional parameters, like Health Regeneration, Attack Armor, Skill Armor, Attack Speed etc. The key to success is the right combination of those 7 slots, choosing the bonuses that are most relevant for each particular hero.

Finalizing the description of how the items actually work, we might remind our community that they have different levels of rarity (common, uncommon, rare, epic, legendary and relic), so it is pretty evident — the better the item is, the more bonuses it gives to your hero.


The implementation of first items and inventory is not the only surprise for today’s update! Moreover, all items are presented as NFTs and are lended to the players for $LIS tokens! Such a great improvement helps us with building and testing our own system of buying and landing NFTs, which started with our first NFT hero — Jacob. Developing the best P2E game wouldn’t be possible without a strong NFT-assets system. Besides, to keep it more convenient, users will now be able to see the token’s ID in the profile of an NFT item.

You’re probably wondering — how to get those items? One more surprise — the “Shop” section in the Legend of Listeria main menu is now available for everyone! All purchased NFT items from the store can be found in the player’s inventory. Then you can equip your items and take them for the action on our battlefield!

The other less significant changes are related to fixing relatively small bugs and features, optimizing the balance, graphics, etc. Realis team is working really hard at the moment, so subscribe to our social media to not miss any patch-related updates, contests, promos, and more!

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Realis is the world’s first platform for launching mobile games using blockchain technologies for a mass audience

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