Introducing Farin — The Mirengard Miner

Mirengard is a prosperous kingdom located in the heart of Listeria. There are numerous secrets hidden in the depths of this city waiting to be unraveled. Moreover, it is full of wonderful, impossible, and magical things.

Indeed, the kingdom does not have any mundane essence. The inhabitants have a mesmerizing existence full of love, laughter, and peace.

Yet, hidden in the depth of Mirengard is the rumored Dwarven trails! If you keep on reading, you will get to know the first-hand experience of a Mirengard miner called Farin Strongyron.

Are you ready to go on an adventurous journey with Farin?

The Dwarven Trails

To understand his story, you need to first know about the Dwarven trails.

People from all around the world have heard about the existence of the Dwarven trails. It is a series of tunnels located underneath the Mirengard kingdom full of unique artifacts and traps. Furthermore, this trail was built by ancient inhabitants of the city long before the modern era.

These tunnels have a secretive essence as the annals of modern history have no records of them.

Due to this, the Dwarven trails were considered a myth. Nobody had the first-hand experience with the intricacies of the tunnels. Moreover, nobody dared to venture into these tunnels because of the dangerous rumors surrounding them.

According to rumors, the trails have majestic halls with ancient architecture. These halls have powerful artifacts hidden in each corner.

The corners have numerous deadly traps so that no one unworthy of them can reach them. Consequently, these traps are protected by deadly creatures who will kill anyone in their line of vision. And among these hordes, one brave dwarf had to survive for years.

He was a miner dwarf full of determination and love for life. Therefore, his perseverance and bravery helped him survive the turmoil of life.

Farin was not ready to part with his life just yet!

Farin Strongyron’s Life As A Miner

Farin Strongyron was born to a mining family, and his passion for mining came from his father. He learned perseverance and hard work from his family.

At a young age, he became a Mirengard miner with ordinary skills and expertise. As a miner, his job was to collect valuable ore from the depths of his hometown.

He was good at his job and could extract large amounts of ore for his kingdom. Moreover, he knew the mechanics of the mine and could easily climb into it due to his stature.

Farin was a lovable character who loved to party and have fun with his brothers while drinking.

Every Mirengard miner had special places in the mine from where they sourced ore. Therefore, Farin, being an independent miner, had numerous favorite secret places. These locations were filled with rich veins of ore, due to which he could gather full quantities of it.

Indeed, he never told anyone about his work location like a smart miner would do.

Over the years, Farin gathered exceptional knowledge about such places, which made him earn extra money. Due to the fertile locations he worked in, he always had access to high-quality ore.

Yet, such a job has its risks. Farin used to work deep underground the citadel far away from inhabitants. The dark paths had thick walls from where sound would never penetrate.

On top of that, various underground monsters would rise from the depths trying to kill the miners. However, Farin was incredibly smart and always kept his faithful crossbow around.

He was lucky enough to survive and cope with a few monstrous attacks. And Farin went back to work the next day, showcasing his determination and love for mining.

The Boastful Ego Of Farin Strongyron

With knowledge comes responsibility, but also a hint of ego! This statement was entirely true for Farin as whatever disasters befell him was his doing.

After a long mining day, Farin and his comrades were having a drink that evening. Indeed, that day was hard and long. The company of miners only wanted to rest. However, Farin boasted about his findings.

Yes, a few days earlier, Farin stumbled upon a rich diamond vein in the mines that had countless diamonds.

He told them about the largest stones in that location, but his listeners thought he was too drunk and confused. Farin started to describe that the diamonds were the size of his fist, and it was enough to make every Mirengard worker rich.

They started to laugh at him and told him he confused a cave slug with a diamond. However, Farin reassured them about his discovery of the precious stone and vowed to bring back proof. Indeed, his ego as a miner was hurt, and he became infuriated.

To prove his anger, his skin turned red, and veins became swollen. His eyes were full of determination as he jumped off the table and banged his powerful fists.

Then, Farin declared to his comrades that he would bring back that stone to prove his innocence.

Farin’s Hasty Decision

Farin started to gather all the necessary equipment and hastily checked his crossbow. He took these tools for mining and staggered towards the cave. Moreover, his perfect memory helped him slip through the turns of the mine.

He reached the secret place within thirty minutes and had a pickaxe ready to start digging holes.

The life of a Mirengard Miner usually revolves around singing about mining ores, digging holes, and the life of dwarves. Hence, with a cheery song on his mind, Farin started to work. He hammered and hammered for hours with the pickaxe on the cave wall.

His expertise helped him remove the stone layer by layer without damaging the diamonds.

Farin was nearly done, and he was 80% close to proving a point. The last few strokes would bring the diamond crashing in his hand!

He was gentle with the stone, unlike other dwarfs. Consequently, he pulled it out himself and took the stone out with ease.

But there was a sudden click sound on the wall and ground!

The ground suddenly shook, and the wall instantly crumbled. Then, it opened a passage into an unknown tunnel. However, the dwarf was not afraid. Instead, he only whistled and made an ironic comment dedicated to this void.

He wanted to explore this place but instead decided on leaving and coming back later.

But fate had other plans!

The Adventure Starts For Farin

Just as he turned to the exit, he was surprised to see a blocked passage.

Dense stones and layers of debris now covered the way he came in. Due to this, the way towards the cave’s exit was cut off.

Farin thought of this as an earthquake that collapsed the cave ceiling. The brave dwarf was not sobered up from the evening drinks, so he was completely unphased by the fact that he was trapped under piles of rock.

He just shrugged his shoulders and moved towards the inevitable void. This passage was unknown to everyone, and no one could hear him or save him. Moreover, Farin passed through an open tunnel and found himself in a huge hall adorned with decorative runes from the ancient civilization.

Upon closer inspection, he deduced that these runes talked about the greatness of ancient heroes.

He found majestic statues in this place. These statues were of long-forgotten dwarf heroes. Furthermore, it stretched for miles, and Farin followed this trail and went ahead, examining each corner. He was trying to look for an exit, and at that moment, he did not know that his dreams of seeing the surface would not be fulfilled for thirty years.

His journey has already begun!

The First Few Months Trapped Under Mirengard

After a few hours of searching, Farin sobered up and quickly realized that his ego had landed him in the ancient Dwarven trails.

For the first few months, Farin found life to be extremely difficult. It was due to the endless array of underground creatures that he heard about in ancient legends. Hence, he had to fight them off with his mining tools and crossbow.

These creatures came out of thin air, and Farin had to sleep with one eye opened.

Indeed, he could not sleep more than a couple of hours. However, he easily adapted by collecting simple traps and warning mechanisms.

Due to these, he would get signals of approaching danger and protect himself from sudden attacks. Farin wandered through the halls and found amazing artifacts and mechanisms of antiquity. His exploration landed him in the balance between life and death.

Yet with his determination and immense luck, Farin survived and always found a way to escape.

After about a year of his wanderings, Farin found an ancient defense mechanism that had broken centuries ago. He tinkered with this artifact and installed the diamonds in place of the catalyst. Therefore, his knowledge helped him manage to revive one of the portable turrets.

Farin’s Life With A Defense Mechanism

This turret became Farin’s best defender!

Finally, after a year, he could get some sleep without worrying about dying. Even though she was an inanimate object, Farin was indebted to her as she minimized his loneliness.

With the turret, he experienced many battles and went on numerous adventures for the next 29 years. Moreover, he was fearless and wanted to get the best out of life. He even started to keep a journal in which he jotted down all his adventures.

Farin wanted to retell his stories to everyone on the surface.

He survived because of the turret and his sheer skills. After 29 years of wandering and fighting, Farin managed to find a way out.

The dwarf found an old lift that led right to the surface!

After replacing a few key parts, he restored the mechanism’s operation and began to climb up. Indeed, he was excited to see how the world had changed during his absence.

Farin’s Way Out Into Civilization

As he climbed the lift, he found himself in the basement of a fortress. It looked abandoned as there were litters of stones and remnants of furniture and utensils.

Farin made his way out of this fortress and found himself located in the Rusco forest. This forest located on the shore of a lake seemed to be abandoned for centuries. Moreover, the clarity of the lake alluded to the abandonment of the forest.

He met the defenders of the forest — Chanterelles-Kitsune and paid them due respect.

Even after all these years, Farin knew how to treat creatures with due respect. He even treated them mushrooms that he found in the Dwarven trails as the ancient traditions dictated.

Due to his kind act, the deities helped him reach civilization!

The moment he stepped foot into the big world, he knew there was something wrong. The massive and busy highway had changed over the thirty years. Moreover, the highway was broken, and overgrown grass prevailed.

Farin could not find a single soul in the city!

The dwarf traveled through the roads and glimpsed upon the destroyed civilization. The busy buzz of the cities and villages has stopped. Furthermore, the place was overthrown by the creatures of Listeria.

Farin Meets People After Thirty Years

The first people he met were in the citadel. He managed to gather all the information about the Last War. Moreover, he fought back the tears as the inhabitants told him about the events.

He knew no one was alive. His comrades, his brothers, everyone was dead!

Farin stood there frozen and tried to comprehend what happened. Indeed, Farin was another soul that the war destroyed. However, he was stronger than before and wanted to restart his life.

Farin Goes to Blackstone

The people he talked to told him about the only living city-state in Listeria — Blackstone. He knew this is where he had to be, among survivors. Technically, Farin was a survivor himself.

He set on his way to this place for a new adventure. He hoped that this time it would hold peace and communication!

To his surprise, he managed to find some acquaintances who survived the war as he arrived in Blackstone. Indeed, these people were astonished to see he was still alive. Furthermore, they thought it was dark magic playing tricks on them.

Based on this incident, Farin knew how atrocious the war was, and the happiness was long gone!

Farin — The Mirengard Miner Full Of Perseverance

Farin survived only because of his indomitable perseverance. He survived the darkest adversities of life. However, he found himself lucky on some level as he did not witness the war or loss.

Everything that happened to Farin made him stubborn but cheerful.

He has now opened a mining enterprise for dwarfs in Blackstone. Based on his experience, this company extracts rare minerals and studies the uncovered Dwarven trails.

Indeed, the war was in the last stages as it unfolded. Farin heard about magic crystals and wanted to mine them and help with the battle. Therefore, with his determination, he procured magic elements for the army.

His newfound experience helped him control such a place and gather numerous opportunities.

Farin was good at the battle, and his goal to help the inhabitants drove this decision!

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