Introducing Bonny: a One of a Kind Witch

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When people hear the talks about witches, wrinkled and hunchbacked old women waiting to feast on another child or do some other dirty trick come to mind first. Well, sometimes this image is quite justified, but today we will talk about a completely different kind of witch, who has been helping the inhabitants of Blackstone for about fifty years. Unlike other witches, time did not change her appearance, she forever remains a young beauty in the eyes of people.

Bonny’s Childhood

The girl began her life journey in a small hut in the depths of the forest. Old, a little dilapidated, but still soundly built. It was enough for her: calm and quiet life, and even a little more. For as long as she could remember, there had never been other people around, only forest animals kept the girl company, they were her friends and mentors. One wise kitsune named the girl Bonny and predicted that a thrilling fate awaits the girl. These magical words greatly inspired the girl and lit a flame of curiosity in her. Bonny began to diligently study books, which were stacked and scattered all over the place. Then Bonny discovered that most of the books described all kinds of magical rituals, spells, and recipes for various potions and tinctures. After spending a good ten years over the books, she learned, it seems, everything she could. It was time: she hopped on her favorite broom and flew for the hills.

Soon, Bonny arrived in Blackstone, where, as she heard, the oldest magical organization of Listeria was located. Graciously flying up to the main tower of the Academy, she amazed the local magicians, as this kind of magic was considered forgotten centuries ago. And that’s how her journey as a professional magician began. First, she easily became an honored student of the Academy, and later a professor in the greatest magical organization of Listeria, where the girl was able to conduct her experiments and further explore the wonderful world of magic.

Quickly the knowledge about a talented young witch that lives nearby and flies to the Academy’s towers spread across Blackstone. People began to visit the girl seeking help in everyday matters: getting rid of a hex or avoiding the lean season. Of course, it was impossible to offer real help in such mere nothings, but listening to people and promising help, really soothed their souls. Bonny herself, now and then, under the cover of night, helped with watering dry fields or destroying pests, and for superstitious people, it seemed that evil spirits were retreating.

This steady life went on for many years. Bonny helped people with their problems, kept on conducting experiments at the Academy, and expanded her circle of friends and useful acquaintances. With rejuvenating elixirs and a pinch of magic, she always remained young and beautiful. Grooms were standing in line to come and see this young beauty, but the marriage was not a suit for Bonny.

A Selfless Chosen One

The peacefulness would have continued if the Great War had not struck the world. Blackstone was locked away from the outside world and Bonny was among those who helped to carry out this ritual. Nevertheless, she was worried about her native forest and the damage that could be caused. Taking advantage of the gap in the barrier, she shot out of the city on her old broom and rushed to the forest.

By the time the young witch arrived at her destination, a battle between the two armies was already fought. She did not intervene, instead, she rushed to her native hut, hoping to find at least one of her old animal friends there. But getting close to the house, she saw only the ashes, surrounded by the dead bodies of soldiers and animals, which, were trying to protect the old building. After burying old friends, frustrated Bonny went to the burnt hut to say goodbye, but when she approached her old house, she found a hole in the floor, the scorched floor, which did not exist before, leading to some kind of cave. Bonny decided to check the passage because everything pointed out that the soldiers were trying to get something hidden in the depths under the forest hut, and the forest dwellers tried to prevent this.

Descending into the cave, she discovered a damp tunnel, built, apparently, many centuries ago, back in the days of the old empires. Slowly moving along the tunnel, Bonny felt a strong pain in the back of her head and lost consciousness. The young witch came to her senses, being bound and locked in the cage with soldiers around. A little further, Bonny noticed some kind of pedestal or altar and a group of magicians. They were wandering and murmuring, obviously dissatisfied with something. On the pedestal itself, the witch noticed a slightly glowing staff. For a while, she lay in the cage, languishing from pain in the back of her head, until a magician abruptly ran up to her, ordering the soldiers to pull her to the altar. The cage opened and the soldiers, without ado, dragged the exhausted witch to the sacred place.

The girl was lifted to her feet and two guards began to hold her hands, preventing her from moving. A senior magician approached the girl from the front, grabbing Bonny by the hair. It seems he wanted to say something, but in an instant, his face, expressing contempt and anger, was replaced by horror. The girl felt that the soldiers let her go and at the same moment, the magician simply crumbled in front of her face, leaving behind only a pile of ashes at her feet. Shocked by this turn of events, she could only say in surprise: “Huh?”. A couple of seconds later, after regaining consciousness, Bonny turned her head, finding two more piles of ashes in the places where the soldiers stood. Raising her head, she saw the staff flying up into the air. It froze above her, now and then, releasing some kind of rays from the pommel. Looking over one of the beams, Bonny saw how it crashed into one of the soldiers, making him crumble into ashes like all his other comrades.

A few moments later, the screams subsided, and only dust remained in the place of the soldiers, and the staff fired the last shot toward the witch. She thought that the end of her life had come, and therefore closed her eyes. She counted to three, still didn’t feel dead, and then she decided to open one eye. She was surprised to find that only the rope that bound her hands and feet was incinerated. The staff slowly fell into the girl’s hand, and memories seemed to crash into her head, showing her the cruel wars of the past, the death of the old, and the birth of a new world. Having learned the ancient story, the girl realized that she must prevent this from happening again, and therefore, taking the ancient artifact with her, she set off from the cave.

Bonny: a Young Guardian of Blackstone

In the following years, Bonny tried her best to stop the senseless battles to stop the Great War, alas, her efforts were not enough. And although she was able to find loyal allies who shared her desire for peace, this very peace was almost destroyed. Most of the states of Listeria fell, and a huge number of people died, but still, someone managed to survive. Bonny took her comrades to the last surviving city, from which the protective spell had already been removed. In Blackstone, the girl, whom everyone considered missing and dead, was welcomed with incredible enthusiasm, and when they learned that she was directly involved in the hostilities to stop them, everyone respected her even more. Over time, her life returned to the old course, she continued to help the people with their troubles, except that now the title of one of the guardians of the town was bestowed to her so that she would continue to act in the interests of all people.

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