First big Legends of Listeria update!

Greetings, our dear community members! It has finally happened — the Listeria update, which brings significant changes to the gaming process and introduces some new mechanics. Today we will give a summary of what the Realis team was working on so hard and how all of those changes will affect our community, players, and the industry in general. Hope you will find today’s material useful and let us begin.

The introduction of the play-2-earn system

Finally, what we have promised to deliver, starts to come true — this update brought the system of token rewards and $LIS as in-game currency, so this is the first big step for our play-2-earn model. Also, to keep our players updated about their balance in Legends of Listeria, the system of notifications about $LIS tokens being credited to your balance has been implemented in this update alongside the promo codes system which will allow our users to get rewards for entering them. The very small steps for Realis and Legends of Listeria, but very important ones: we can see advantages and disadvantages of this economic model, based on players’ feedback and relevant gaming experience.

New heroes and changes they bring

Remember our promise — to frequently add new heroes? Here we are to fulfill the promise — please, welcome Jacob Rice, whiskey-lover, gambler, and one of the best Listerian sharpshooters! According to the poll we recently launched on our Twitter and Telegram, Jacob was among one of the most waited heroes, so the vast amount of our players probably will be glad to see him in action. However, Jacob is also meant to help us test another complicated mechanic that we have promised to realize — the sale of NFT-heroes, items, etc, so that means that he won’t be a free hero. But don’t worry — the price of renting Jacob Rice for the times of beta-test is really small — 1 $LIS token (for example, for winning a battle our player gets 0.1 $LIS token), so that won’t be a problem to purchase him, especially for skilled Listerian warriors: meanwhile that will help our team to test how selling of NFTs will work in Legends of Listeria. That is not all — upcoming weekends will be brighter since we will introduce another hero, but let’s keep his name secret till the announcement: we don’t want to ruin the surprise, right? He won’t be free also, but the price will be as low as Jacob’s are, so this will continue the series of tests for our NFT selling model.

Other updates

Apart from the first steps of our play-2-earn system and new NFT-based heroes, the registration and log-in system were added, allowing Listerians to save their progress. Also smaller bugs and glitches were fixed in order to improve the gaming experience of our community, but generally, that is it — here is how the first big update of Listeria looks like. We are at the beginning of a long and exciting journey to make Legends of Listeria the best blockchain game you have ever seen, so subscribe to our social media and stay tuned not to miss any important updates — more patches, fixes, and contests are yet to come!

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