Dec 3, 2021

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Double Top AMA Recap!

Greetings, our dear English-speaking community members! As a good tradition, we are making a recap of the recent Realis AMA, which, as you might have already noticed, was conducted in Russian, but the topics and questions discussed are definitely worthy of attention from our whole community! Our CEO, Sergey Zasorin, once more joined hot discussion to clarify the path Realis walks, so hope you will find this recap interesting! So, let us begin.

Most noticeable questions

  1. A usual question that we ask everyone who comes to our channel – Sergey, what was your way to crypto?

“Before joining the crypto industry, I was playing poker professionally for 8 years in a row. Thus, at one of poker tournaments in Korea back in 2015 the only way to withdraw your winnings was through Bitcoin due to the local laws, so that is when I understood that this technology is the future and my study of this sphere has begun. Then, back in 2017 the idea of Realis (SOUL back at that time) emerged and my long road in crypto has started. Following the 2017 trend, I came up with the very idea of usage for cryptocurrencies and that was evident for me – that can be the replacement for the different in-game currencies, since gaming is extremely popular! My friends got really excited with this idea, so here we are – working on Realis together to make the future become reality.”

2. Can you please tell us more about the team behind Realis?

“Right now our team consists of two parts: the core guys who work in the office and mentors with part-time experienced developers and coders. It is divided into groups: for example, JavaScript developers are doing backend, Unity-based client part, server part, where people mainly work using C Sharp, blockchain, game design, artists, animators etc. Mainly we build our communication using. Discord, we find it the most convenient since you can create different dedicated channels there and so on. Everyday calls for setting up the goals are also here to help. ”

3. How do you maintain the stability of the in-game economy and prevent speculations?

“Good questions. The basis is that the core feature of our economy is that it is designed to always be profitable. Main rule: the sum of all in-game tokens being given for free (like for promos etc) should not be higher than the sum that people spend in-game. In other words, if we don’t follow this rule, the economy will work in minus and the price for the token will fall – that is not what we need and not how our holders can benefit from it. How can we reach it? Through deep and thoughtful analytics, work with improvements and features that can maximize the profits etc. To say it in one sentence – economy of a modern gamified token should be built around usage in the first place.”

4. What is your approach to community management? How do you make it grow and boost its motivation to play your games?

“To organise a community, you first need to present them with some sort of product. Mainly it is all set up around the game design, so if we will realise the model, where users will have to unite in order to maximize their profits and utilize our play-2-earn model on 100 percent, that will be the exact way of how community will be formed from our perspective – around the very project and its goals.”

5. What is the usage of NFT’s in Realis Network games?

“The idea of NFT is really amazing. When you make bonuses and loot boxes available for purchase for in-game cryptocurrency – you make it extremely valuable, but when you make different items an NFT – the value doubles! You have an opportunity to award users with NFTs without any inflationary pressure on tokenomics, since the NFT market stays a bit away from ordinary crypto. To put it simpler, we just take a player’s inventory, transfer it to blockchain and make NFT out of them, so that is an additional motivation to play – add here different bonuses you can get through utilizing our play-2-earn model and you will get the ideal modern blockchain gaming project! ”

6. How do you collect data and different players’ stats?

“We have analytics and game designers with the understanding of basic metrics and based on that they can significantly improve our projects. We have basically two goals – to keep the user playing and to monetize his gaming experience, that is it. The user stats and other data serve only this particular purpose.”

7. Finally, the last word from you, Sergey, to all the inexperienced crypto folks?

“Be simple about it – do not overestimate your powers. Check your hypotheses twice, follow up with the experience start-upers previously had and finally – pay a lot of attention for Doing Your Own Research ;)”

Those were the hottest questions discussed in that AMA session, thus we hope our community will like it! Subscribe to our social media not to miss useful articles, contests and many more!

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