Aeternis’ Society — The Mysterious Cult of Listeria

Mystery and magic have been etched into Listeria’s soul ever since the creation of this land. Life was beautiful, and there was hope and lots of fun. Dwarves, Elves, and Humans lived in harmony until the ravages of the Great War.

It was the Last War of Listeria that had horrific and devastating consequences. Both an ordinary Dwarven Blacksmith and an Elven Elder Librarian will have shivers down their spines while thinking of those years.

The battle for power and the magical Listerium Crystals changed the entire world forever. Unfortunately, the essence of war’s horrific and bloodbath nature seeped into every village, home, and soul. This cataclysm changed the fate and faith of all Listerians.

It radically caused the eradication and death of most living creatures.

Funnily enough, not everyone curses the day everything ended. As it turned out, some sadistic people consider it the most extraordinary event in the history of Listeria.

Amongst these people are members of the Aeternis’ Society — a group ripe with wonder, desperation, and magic!

History Fueled the Creation of the Aeternis’ Society

Moving past the great war and taking a time machine to the past, you will see how flourished Listeria was long before greed took over. The country was a united front. The clang of swords was an everyday sound as small feudal duchies fought to acquire the best place in the nation.

The association of magicians, alchemists, and scientists called the “Order of the Alabaster Guardians” protected the land from negative energy.

Their primary goal? Preserving the fundamental laws of existence!

They did not care about the internecine battle, yet they called themselves the defenders of Listeria. The association swore to preserve the non-violent ways of the world. The leader was Archmage Samuel Rain who performed powerful sorcery based on his knowledge of star magic.

The order flourished under his care, and young sorcerers were free to hone and learn the craft of magic. However, Samuel weakened as he grew older, worried about death.

He did not want to be removed from his post; hence he plunged into a deep meditation. Through this, he tried to gain advice from the universe.

Samuel’s Deep Travel — The Universal Advice from the Demon

During his deep sleep, Samuel traveled millions of lightyears and passed the world of stars within several hours. He stopped when the Moon God, Gao, appeared before him. Gao identified traitors amongst Samuel’s order.

With this warning, Samuel found out that his high-ranking sorcerers and alchemists dealt with demon worship. Dark magic was forbidden in this association!

Gao ordered him to get rid of these delinquents and asked him to banish the traitors after consenting with the council. However, if Samuel asked the council for support, he would be taken for a lunatic and lose his Archmage position. Unfortunately, the powerful mage fell for the demon’s trick when he got blinded by fear.

The supreme prince of darkness named Arctus took the form of Gao and deceived Samuel. He planted the seed of hatred, despair, and fear, and the Archmage was not powerful enough to understand.

He surrendered after hours of incarceration and intimidation. A heinous crime was yet to occur in Listeria.

That night, Samuel cast a spell, killing everyone the demon named. Once the deed was done, he returned from the daze and realized his atrocities. He got distraught and could not forgive himself for murdering his friends for the sake of power and position.

His willpower was broken, and the demon completely possessed him. Yet, the last remnants of his humanity were powerful enough to fight the Lord of Darkness alone.

The Archmage vs. The Demon — The Birth of Perpetuum

The battle between Samuel and the Demon destroyed the Archmage’s body. Upon possession, the Order of the Alabaster Guardians was damaged, and the citadel was gone forever. The battle lasted for several days inside the mage’s body.

His consciousness fought back hard against Arctus until the last shards withered away.

The determination of a human defeated the demon as none of them could win. Neither of them could withstand the energy of this legendary duel as both were infinitely more powerful than the other. Once their consciousness merged, it formed an integral and single personality.

There was no Lord Arctus and no Samuel!

The consciousness became an entity named Perpetuum. It was like a small child who wandered the darkness and ruins of the citadel; it studied the world and the foundation. It wondered, “What is hard and what is cold?”

The entity had a powerful consciousness as two beings had merged to form its personality. It confidently assigned itself the status of a superbeing with boundless magical potential that lurked in its body. Suddenly, it decided to change!

The remnant found from the technomages dormitory created Listeria’s first amalgamation of robot and Listerium Crystals.

Then, it transferred its consciousness into the machine. The creature acquired an invulnerable body and saw a new truth.

Perpetuum — The Self-Proclaimed God of Aeternis’ Society

After transferring its consciousness, Perpetuum witnessed a change. It perceived itself as a God who fell into the mortal world to save them. Its power deluded it into thinking it is an omnipotent creature, free to do whatever it desires.

It wanted to create a world from scratch, and for that, it needed to destroy Listeria. Moreover, it built a cult following after suppressing the consciousness of some robbers. It abducted people and controlled their consciousness, which instilled unquestionable obedience in Listerians.

This cult came to be known as the Aeternis’ Society!

After a few trial runs, Perpetuum managed to transfer the consciousness of thousands of people. It then controlled them into an eternal slumber adherent to body constructs.

This entity became a beacon of despair, living in the underground library of the citadel, where the members created a gigantic crypt. Members of the Aeternis’ Society fell into hibernation for more than 200 years and woke up amid the Last War.

Eternal Slumber of Aeternis’ Society

Their slumber lasted for about two centuries until the Society woke up one day. They were waiting for the right time to pounce upon Listeria and destroy it for good. When their time came, the community, led by Perpetuum, started executing their plan.

The brainwashed people loved their deity and respected its existence so much that they lost all sense. Within a few months and with the use of dark magic, the former Guardians base became the thriving capital of a human city — “The Arch.”

After 200 years of not using its power, Perpetuum finally took advantage of it and started to control the mind of King Richard.

Listeria was a land of free will, and this demon eradicated all of it!

It effectively took control of King Richard’s kingdom and injected the seed of greed and the hunger for power. Its decisions led to the first implication of the Great War, in turn sparking the start of the subsequent cataclysm.

Perpetuum witnessed Armageddon in the world of Listeria and witnessed how strong the people were. Life on earth was not easy to destroy; even the Last War could not eradicate the entirety of Listerians.

Seeing this, it realized it needed more time to let the world become weak and withered. It fell into a deep sleep to plot again. With this, the Aeternis’ Society awakened again after the war was over. They named their crypt Apocalypse Institute.

People in Blackstone have started disappearing, and mysterious dark magic is looming over happy families. No one knows what power Perpetuum holds and how its cult will inflict pain onto Listeria.

Listerians believe as long as their heroes stand, Blackstone will too. But is that really the case? Only time will tell!

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